MONTEC is proud to present our new product: BACCO, the wine cellar cooling unit. It’s an air-conditioner designed tosatisfy the needs of people who own professional or domestic wine cellars; an air-conditioner able to keep constant both temperature and humidity based on the user’s needs.

BACCO is suitable to the maintenance of all types of wines: red, white and rosé. BACCO is available with different power, based on the size of the cellar. From the small, personal wine reserve, to the big wineries, BACCO is the best tool to maintain and refine your wines.

The wine cellar cooling unit BACCO is an innovative product; it’s the result of the research and high-quality construction techniques that distinguish each MONTEC product.

BACCO is available online on its dedicated website For more information and a custom quotation you can write us using the form in our contact page.