Montec srl recently bought the EVO heat pump, a brand that has over 10 years of industry experience; combining the technical background of this brand with Montec know-how and productivity, we brought to life the nex generation of heat-pupm boiler for the production of DHW (domestic hot water).

Actually 3 models are available with 3 variations each one, for a total of 9 products: a number expected to grow over time, considering  the extraordinary performances e and the great cost/quality ratio of our heat pump boiler.

Soon we’ll open our brand new website where you’ll find all the new models of EVO heat-pump and a lot of usefull information to understand the technical features and main functionality of our products. Furtehrmore in the new website you’ll find usefull advices for who is building a new home and wants to plan the implementation of a heat pump boiler for the production of DHW,  even linking it to a photovoltaic system or to other renewable energy production systems.

Montec has accumulated over time a great experience over heat-pump system, because it produces heating-pump circuits. For this reason it decided to invest over a new efficient and reliable product. Keep an eye on