Coils production

MONTEC developed over the years several techniques for the production of coils, which find application in various sectors such as, for example:

  • coils for industrial and commercial refrigeration
  • coils for heating with ceiling and wall radiant systems
  • coils for solar panels

MONTEC is capable to produce flat coils with an overall length up to 3100 mm and a development up to 40 meters, circular coils, square coils, triangular coils and 3d coils. These coils may be realized with different types of pipe: iron, copper, aluminum, AISI 304 and 316, and special steels such as Incoloy 800H alloy.

Tubes for the coils are generally available from a diameter of 4.76 up to 16 mm, but potentially we have the possibility of curve copper pipe up to 22 x 1.5 mm diameter.