Production of refrigeration circuits

MONTEC manufactures refrigeration circuits produced according to customer drawings and specifications. The cooling circuits are functional to various types of refrigerating machines such as, for example:

  • refrigerated counters for food
  • refrigerated display cases
  • refrigerated tables
  • coffee machines for bar
  • ice-cream production machines
  • ice production machines
  • refrigerated cabinets
  • blast chillers
  • cabinets for the storage of organs
  • ventilation and conditioning machines
  • heat pumps

The cooling circuits may be provided to the customer assembled and mounted on finned heat exchange batteries, or filled with specific refrigerant gas; MONTEC also realizes segments of refrigeration circuits which, for its complexity or for specific needs, can be assembled from the customer.

Il collaudo dei circuiti frigoriferi

The testing of the assembled refrigerating circuits can be carried out with vacuum setting of the pipes, or in pressure with immersion in water, after loading the circuit with dry air or nitrogen. The test pressures reach up to 45-65 bars in case of CO2 gas-powered circuits.