Tube Bending

MONTEC manufactures tube bending using new generation computerized numerical control machinery, equipped with high technological content.  Our services are mainly applied to the industrial and commercial refrigeration. In particular MONTEC specializes in:

  • copper tube bending
  • tinned copper tube bending
  • aluminium tube bending
  • AISI 304 e 316 tube bending
  • special steels tube bending (i.e. Incoloy alloy 800H).

Our Tube Bending Machines

The tube bending range is from a minimum of 2 to 54 mm. In particular, our tube bending machines are equipped to straighten and bend pipes directly from the coil, starting from 2 up to 22 mm diameter. Other tube benders with mandrel machines can bend copper tube bars from 18 up to 54 mm diameter. Our serpentine bender machine produces coils 3 m long from 4,76 up to 16 mm diameter. The newcomer is an innovative tube bender with mandrel machine, that bends copper tubes from 18 up to 35 mm diameter. The equipments for our tube bending machine are available with a wide variety of average rays.


Our productions

MONTEC study the feasibility of products submitted from the customer, providing sampling and organizing the production of even small series. The current production is extremely varies and goes from the production of individual tubes to be assembled into less or more complex circuits, to planar coils; fom circular coils spiral, to square coils, and coils with 3D development.