BACCO 20 is our new model of  wine cellar cooling unit that soon will be part of our catalogue, and it will be orderable trhough our website Compared to its bigger brothers BACCO 90 SP and BACCO 130 SP, the new wine cellar unit BACCO 20 is not equipped of the splitter, and it’s really compact: just 450 x 230 h 725 mm. Bacco 20 is the best choice not only for small rooms (up to 20 square meters) or for wall cellar-cabins; it is perfect for mini-cellars in yatch, boats, catering and street-food vehicles.

The wine cellar cooling unit BACCO 20, as other Bacco models, is able to measure and keep constant both  temperature ed humidity; it is fully made in Italy by Montec srl and totally built in stainless steel; its pipes for air collection and drainage are adaptable to the walls thickness.

Actually the wine cellar cooling unit BACCO 20 is under testing phase in our technical cellars to verify the reliability under stress conditions. Soon we’ll give you more news about the test results and other technical information about BACCO 20.