Who we are

MONTEC is a company specializing in the production of curved pipes in copper, aluminum and steel, mainly used for industrial and commercial refrigeration. In addition, MONTEC assembly refrigerator circuits and water circuits by the brazing technique, which are then primarily used for the production of refrigerated counters for supermarkets, cabinets and blast fridge, machines for the production of ice cubes, heat pumps and machines for air conditioning. MONTEC also produces coils of various types, and meanders made of copper, steel and iron pipes which are then used in the pews and cooling systems, in radians, and solar panels.

What we do

MONTEC is a very dynamic, flexible partner who looking forward to a continuous improvement of the productive processes and of its products. The staff is constantly trained; our equipment consists of the latest generation of CNC machinery and it is constantly updated with the latest available technologies. Currently MONTEC occupies a 3,000 square meters covered area (and 1,500 more are under construction), employing more than 50 employees and operating in the following sectors:

  • industrial and commercial refrigeration
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • heating
  • solar thermal
  • radiant systems for walls and ceiling
  • renewable energies